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Finding Eco-Friendly Beauty Products That Work



The thing about living an eco-friendly lifestyle is that it starts with one thing, then eventually you’re down a rabbit hole where you’re throwing away all your beauty supplies wondering if you’re ever going to look beautiful again. Once you understand that many products found in the store not only harm the environment to produce, but that they also impact human health in major ways, you can’t go back. But finding beauty products that work well for your skin can become a laborious, and expensive task. Eco-friendly products are made with quality ingredients. And while it’s worth it to invest in better products, it can be expensive trying to find your favorites. Here are some things to look for on your quest.

Product Reviews

People’s firsthand experiences can give you a good indication if the product does a good job or not. You can often find community groups centered around different brands where you can ask questions of other consumers. You might even be able to find individuals with similar skin as yours who can give you their feedback on the products. These real reviews are what gives you an unbiased glimpse on the best lotions, matching foundations, if the makeup stays all day, the vibrancy of the colors, how your hair feels after you wash it in the shampoo and so much more. Good product reviews are important when you’re trying out a new eco-friendly product.

Good Return Policy

Ordering online is one of the scariest things ever when you are trying out new products. You never know the quality of the product that is going to show up at your door. What if you hate them? What if they make your skin breakout? What if they smell terrible? There are so many questions when you’re buying eco-friendly products. The best thing you can look for is products with a great return policy. Some will let your return products within 30 days for any reason. You may get store credit to try something new and sometimes you can get a full refund minus shipping fees.

Ingredients That Don’t Read Like a Chemical Formula

For the most part, ingredients on your eco-friendly products should read more like recipe ingredients rather than a chemical formula in a lab. Look for ingredients that are natural and simple. A stem cell serum shouldn’t be flooded with toxins and fragrances. Rather, it should include simple oils, extracts, and maybe some proprietary ingredients. Beauty products can still do their jobs without hormone disrupting chemicals and secret ingredients. Learning to read what’s on the label will help you find eco-friendly options that work. The less harmful the ingredients are, the better the products will be for people and the environment.

Ask For Sample Sizes

Many companies create small sample sizes of their best selling products. This allows you to purchase a small amount instead of the whole bottle to see if it’s something you want to keep using. These samples are the perfect way to try something new for very low risk. If you choose a face lotion that doesn’t work with your skin, then you can easily throw out what you didn’t use without feeling guilty.

Watch Out For Greenwashing

Have you ever looked at products on a shelf that have words like natural, sustainable, or eco-friendly? It instantly left you feeling like this product was definitely good for the environment or that it didn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Unfortunately, all these words can still be associated with products that aren’t clean at all. In fact, they may substitute even worse ingredients for ones that were in their original products. This is called greenwashing. When you want to find eco-friendly beauty products, you can do it by becoming a savvy consumer. Learn about harmful additives in products. Learn about how oils and ingredients are produced and whether they can be done in a truly safe way for the environment. Harvesting some ingredients can strip areas of natural resources.

Looking for eco-friendly beauty products takes time. You learn to look past the buzzwords and find items that are toxin free, good for humans, good for animals, and great for the environment. And to the extent possible, don’t have any negative impact of the environment.

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