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Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Environment Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on Environment

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Infographic: The Environmental Impact Of COVID-19

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From taking lives to impacting jobs and the economy — the global coronavirus outbreak has had a massive impact on almost every sphere of our lives.

In all of this, the environment has also seen significant changes.

With people working remotely and staying indoors, there has been a rapid decline in travel and economic activity. On the other hand, the increasing demand for disposable medical products like gloves and masks has led to a rise in medical waste. 

The question remains: will the impact be short or long-term and what lessons can we take from this to fight climate change in the future?

Venngage carried out a research-led study to understand how COVID-19 has impacted the environment and made it into an infographic. 

The study focuses on the environmental impact this pandemic has had on carbon emissions, waste, energy, and wildlife. It also includes vital advice from environmental scientists and business leaders on the lessons we can learn from this tragedy to tackle the climate crisis and work more sustainably in the future.

infographic on COVID-19
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