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Making an impact with cardboard compacting



A cardboard compactor is the ideal piece of recycling equipment for any business that produces a steady flow of waste cardboard. A cardboard compactor can come in a range of sizes, so there will always be one ideally sized for any business, which needs one.

Cardboard bins can be costly and can often overflow; installing a cardboard compactor negates the need for these bins, reducing costs and creating a tidier workplace in the process.

With a cardboard compactor, there is no need to flat-pack the cardboard, you can essentially place a whole cardboard box into the compactor and it can be crushed with ease. When the cardboard compactor is full it is then possible to tie the cardboard together to create a bale. This can then be stored to await collection from a recycler.

A cardboard compactor is simple to use so any member of staff can be trained to use it. It can be placed in a convenient location, inside or outside so dealing with cardboard can be quick and easy. There is no need to walk outside in all sorts of weather and flat-pack a box to fit into a bin.

Removing cardboard bins off the premises and replacing them with a cardboard compactor can free up space for alternative uses such as furniture storage. It could also be used to create a new public area, which will attract new customers and generate more revenue.

A cardboard compactor can come in a variety of sizes. A small cardboard compactor is ideal for hotels, bars, small retail outlets, restaurants and small manufacturers. A larger cardboard compactor may be ideal for hospitals, supermarkets and large manufacturers. There is also the option for a mill size cardboard compactor for those businesses that produce huge quantities of cardboard on a regular basis.

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