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Most Popular 2021 Sustainable Interior Design Trends

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There are a lot of great trends in the sustainable building sector. Many eco-friendly building practices center around the importance of using construction practices that have a low carbon footprint.

While this is important for green building experts that want to minimize their impact on the environment, it is also important to look at other issues. Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of using environmentally friendly interior design practices.

What interior design practices are most sustainable? You will want to familiarize yourself with them.

Sustainable Interior Design Ideas that Are Booming This Year

Whether you want to renovate your boho room décor only or your entire home, you may be slightly timid to take that big step, and you don’t want to regret your decisions later. The best way is to incorporate small items or start by making small changes to your home without touching the semi-permanent fixtures as they will be easy to swap out later. This minimalist approach is better for the environment, since it involves using fewer resources and requires less carbon producing energy.

So, what kind of 2021 interior design trends should you follow that won’t go out of style within the next few years? Well, we combed through the internet and listed the best trends by top designers to help you refresh your space without spending a lot of money.  

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones like beige, rose gold, gray, ivory, and shades of white are timeless. You should add major furniture pieces in neutral tones as you will be sure that the amount of money, you’re investing in won’t go to waste. If you’re craving bold and trendy colors, you can add small pieces of décor over these furniture pieces like pillows, art, and blankets. They are also create for the environment, since there are nontoxic and environmentally friendly paints that can be produced with these colors.


Wallpaper adds a unique and elegant look to your space. You can get temporary wallpaper that is easy to stick and peel so when it goes out of trend, you don’t have to go through the hassle. Choose the right wallpaper with graceful designs and prints to ensure it lasts for years.      


Greenery can never do you wrong even if a decade passes by. You can add a lovely touch of nature to your home décor with small plants of your choice. They can brighten the dark corner of your home or add a spark of joy to the middle of your dining table. There are many plants that live in different conditions. Let’s say your space barely gets any sunlight, so you can get a particular plant with that condition for easy maintenance and longevity.

Open Style Shelving

Open-style shelving isn’t restricted to your kitchen only. If you want to make your space, feel brighter and spacious, you can use open shelving in your living room, bathroom and bedroom as well. You can display your family heirlooms, travel souvenirs or any cute miniature decoration pieces to add life to your home. The key is to keep it well-organized so it doesn’t give a crowded look.

Organic Materials

Organic materials are not only eco-friendly but are also long-lasting and are guaranteed to add warmth and texture to your space. Natural materials like a wicker basket, grasscloth furniture, and rattan will always remain in style. Your grandma’s home is the best example. It goes with both contemporary and traditional interior styles.

Jute Rugs

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a jute rug. It is an affordable piece of décor that adds a personalized look and texture to your home. You can add a jute rug in the center of your dining room and layer it with a patterned or colorful small rug or a cowhide. It will make your coffee table stand out as well.

Following nature’s example, Baufritz has been planning and constructing ecologically sustainable buildings for over 120 years. High-quality, pollutant-tested building and insulation materials are used to create individual architect’s houses that protect people and the environment.


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