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Scientist offers $30,000 for proof that climate change is not manmade



A climate change expert has offered $30,000 (£17,500) of his own money to anyone who can disprove that mankind is causing global warming, in an effort to demonstrate that climate sceptics cannot support their position.

Physics professor Christopher Keating has given deniers until the end of July to prove climate scientists wrong, but is confident that he will get to keep his money. 

“I have heard global warming sceptics make all sorts of statements about how the science doesn’t support claims of manmade climate change”, the author of Undeniable: Dialogues on Global Warming wrote on his blog. 

“I have found all of those statements to be empty and without any kind of supporting evidence. I have, in turn, stated that it is not possible for the sceptics to prove their claims. And, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.”

Keating himself will judge the entrants, but has promised to post all attempts on his blog, adding comments to explain why each has been refuted.

“I have been studying climate change for a long time and I am certain my money is safe”, he said. 

“They are in the business of denial and deception, not science. But, if someone could give me a scientific proof global warming isn’t real, it would be worth the money.”

The scientific consensus that greenhouse gas emissions are to blame for rising temperatures has strengthened over recent decades. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says it is 95% confident that humans are the main cause of global warming, while just one scientific paper out of 2,258 published in 2013 suggested otherwise.

Photo: Christine Zenino via Flickr

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