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3 Things Sustainable Companies Do for ‘Green’ Construction

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Combating climate change requires a global effort. That’s why organizations all over the world are taking steps to improve sustainability in whatever ways they can. One of those organizations is Polyteck, one of London’s leading green construction and facilities management companies.

It’s possible for a building to be a major strain on the environment, especially a large corporate building. That’s why it’s important for new constructions to be designed with sustainability in mind and for old constructions to be updated to minimize the impact on the environment.

Costas Polycarpou, founder of Polyteck, commented on Polyteck’s commitment to sustainability, stating, “We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking company. Sustainability is the future of the building services industry. It’s an industry where we can really make a positive impact on the environment by improving our practices, so that’s what we’re committed to doing.”

Here’s what these types of companies are doing to improve sustainability in the green construction industry:

1. Improves Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy consumption is a huge step toward sustainability. Many sustainable companies reduce energy consumption for clients by completing energy audits and analyses on all areas of a building.

This includes more than a simple investigation into how often the lights are left on. Their audits include an analysis of lighting, heating, and insulation. This allows them to recalibrate control systems and set points to save energy.

Buildings that undergo an energy audit can reduce the use of both gas and electricity. Not only does this reduce a building’s environmental impact, but it also creates huge savings on utilities.  It’s a win for the environment and a win for your bottom line.

Polycarpou gave a recent example of how one of these companies improved energy efficiency for a client.

“[The company] was hired by our client at 25 Copthall Avenue to conduct a Load Analysis to discover which areas were being inefficient in energy consumption. To solve the problem, we installed Harmonic Filters to the main electric supply. The result was greater longevity of electrical equipment and components and an energy savings of 70,000 in the first year alone.”

As in the case with the client Polycarpou mentioned, the company implements sustainable energy options. Companies like these have many examples of clients who’ve helped lower costs and improve sustainability. Slough Borough Council’s Car Park Management Team worked with the company to replace their lighting system with more sustainable fittings.

They implemented energy-efficient LED units as well as a dimming system that relies on motion detection. This motion-activated system ensures that energy is not being wasted. In this case, the client reached an 80 percent saving in energy consumption by implementing these changes.

Often companies are hesitant to make sustainable updates to their facilities because they don’t want an interruption to their business operations. The company was able to install updated water, heat, and gas meters for a hotel in Leicester Square without disrupting the hotel’s operations throughout the entire process. The ability to avoid disruption provides a huge incentive to businesses to update their facilities because they can save money without losing their usual revenue.

2. Use Solar and Photovoltaic Energy

Besides improving energy efficiency, renewable energy companies also implement cleaner energy. They utilize solar and photovoltaic energy, which is a clean and renewable source of energy. Buildings that switch from using non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources can make a major impact on the global effort to save the environment.

Polycarpou explained the benefits of this type of energy:

“Not only does solar and photovoltaic energy reduce consumption of non-renewable energy sources, but it also saves you money. It reduces electricity bills and it can also generate revenue thanks to tax-free income from feed-in tariffs.”

3. Build Durable, Long-Lasting Structures

The most environmentally friendly building is one that already exists. Energy use and waste can be problems in new constructions. That’s why a sustainable company will create buildings that are meant to last and they also refurbish old buildings to allow them to be longer-lasting.

It’s common these days for new constructions to be built quickly and for the purpose of a quick profit, rather than for the purpose of lasting for a long time. This is a hugely wasteful practice. One of these company’s new developments are high-quality and intended to be used for a very long time.

One client that worked with such a company to refurbish an old building was the Museum of London. This museum required multiple repairs and upgrades to allow it to last a long time. The sustainable energy company worked to implement weatherproofing and curtain walling renovation. They also worked on pre-paint repairs, mastic sealant, parapet capping, cladding panels, and roofing.

Updates like these are necessary in old buildings to avoid letting a building fall into disrepair, which often leads to demolishment and the construction of a new building. It’s better for the environment to refurbish buildings and do the necessary repairs throughout the years.

Polycarpou spoke of the necessity of building refurbishments, explaining, “To preserve an old building, it’s important to keep up to date with repairs. You can preserve the structure of the building while implementing the latest technology in weatherproofing and other preservation techniques. This protects buildings and can potentially allow them to last for centuries.”

For Polyteck, “going green” has made the company a pillar of the construction and facilities maintenance industry in the greater London area. Rest assured, thankfully, Polycarpou and his team don’t plan on switching things up any time soon.

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