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TED talks: the state of the climate and what we might do about it – Lord Stern



In this week’s featured TED talk, the renowned economist and climate change expert Lord Nicholas Stern explains how we can save the world.

In an inspiring speech recorded in September in New York, Lord Stern – the author of the 2006 Stern review on climate change – puts forward an ambitious vision detailing how countries can work together to stop rising temperatures.

He explains that by doing so, we could not only prevent great suffering and neutralise a considerable threat to civilisation, but we can enrich people’s lives around the world. 

To do this requires the careful management of many countries’ transitions from developing economies to developed, industrial powerhouses. It will be a difficult task, Lord Stern explains, but it can and must be done.

“We can have better growth, a better climate a better world,” he says. 

“We can make the next 100 years the best of centuries.” 

To view this video on the TED website, click here.

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