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The Green Glory: Eco-Friendly Tips To Take Care Of Trees

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Have You Ever Imagined Life Without Trees? 

There are a lot of things that you have to do if you want to embark on a sustainable lifestyle. One important element of eco-friendly living is taking care of trees properly.

If there were no trees, where would we get oxygen from? Who would keep the soil from eroding with every downpour or landslide? From where would we get those fresh and juicy fruits? Won’t the planet look like a vast expanse of unforgiving desert with no trace of shade to save us from the scorching heat? 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that trees are crucial to our healthy existence, and hence, we should proactively take care of them. We should also find eco-friendly tree maintenance tips if we care about the environment. How? By doing the following: 

Trim or prune them frequently

Trimming, thinning, or pruning trees is essential for their health. Lack of pruning leads to sickness and disease that kill a healthy tree over time. 

Need help maintaining the trees on your property? Call a professional and certified arborist from a reputable tree care service to trim your trees once in a while. Professional tree companies possess deep knowledge about the growth patterns of different types of trees. With their experience, knowledge, and expertise, they manage to spot the diseases and infections and even determine the expansion pattern. 

They understand how to trim and what to trim to keep the tree healthy. 

Protect the bark

Just beneath the bark sit water vessels and growing tissues of the tree. Any damage to the bark damages these two vital components. Hence, make sure you protect the bark of the tree. 

Do not strike the tree, as it can damage the bark, hampering the overall health of the tree. 

Use mulch to protect the tree

Spreading mulch around the tree trunk is a great way to protect the tree from damage. It will not allow foot traffic, insulate the soil surrounding the roots, and keep power tools like lawnmowers from coming close to the tree. Moreover, as the mulch will decay, it will improve the quality of the soil. 

You can use either shredded wood or wood chips and spread it at least 3 to 4 inches thick around the tree. Spread it in an even layer instead of gathering it around the bark; doing so can cause rot and diseases. If you are not sure where to get the specific mulch you need, in some states you can actually have it delivered to your door. For example, companies like Ebyland, offer mulch supply and delivery in Berlin, PA, and also in Maryland and West Virginia. 

Remove trees

Removing trees might sound like an anti-green move, but contrary to your perception, it is an essential undertaking to keep the entire yard healthy. If a tree has grown very old, hazardous, or diseased with no chance of salvation, it is better to remove it. Not removing such trees can lead to personal injuries. 

Removing a tree all by yourself would be a tall task! To safely perform the work, most homeowners reach out to specially equipped companies like these Boulder tree removal specialists renowned for their work in Colorado. Their certified arborists come equipped with large cranes and the latest tools to remove the tree without hindering any other tree, fence, or surrounding structure during the process. 

Remove stumps

You also need to know how to remove dead trees in the most environmentally friendly way possible. A stump of a dead tree adjacent to healthy flora can damage the surrounding greenery. Hence, the removal of stumps is essential to foster the growth of grass and other flora. 

The dead roots restrict new growth by blocking their access to nutrients, hence, preventing greens from thriving near it. 

Reach out to a dedicated tree service that uses stump grinders and special techniques to remove the stumps and reinforce the growth of new shrubs and plants. 

Do not climb on the roots

If the soil over the roots of a tree is compact, it will not allow them to absorb water and nutrients. It will also not allow the roots to breathe. Hence, it is essential to avoid soil from getting packed down around the roots. 

For that, ensure there is no foot traffic near the tree. Do not allow people to walk, park vehicles, or place anything under the branches of the tree. 


As Martin Luther once said, “For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.” Hence, without a doubt, taking care of trees is essential. 

Use these tips to take care of the trees. 


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