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Ilha das Flores By Paulo Valdivieso Via Flickr Ilha das Flores By Paulo Valdivieso Via Flickr


WWF Scotland Reacts To News That Climate Warming Is Putting Scotland’s Mountain Plants At Risk



Following today’s news (Wednesday 17 August) of research showing rare mountain plants in Scotland are retreating higher or disappearing entirely as a result of a warming climate, Lang Banks, director of WWF Scotland has stated:

“These important studies reveal the worrying fact that, as a result of climate change, many of Scotland’s cold-loving plant species are literally running out of mountain. It’s therefore vital that all our elected politicians are made aware of these finding and continue to support action to address climate change.

“With the Scottish Government putting together a new climate change action plan for the end of the year, this is a reminder that a bold actions are needed to protect wildlife and secure the full benefits of moving to a zero-carbon economy.”