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Blue & Green Daily: Friday 27 February headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Investor coalition calls on companies to report human rights risks

Report: tackling food waste should be a priority

Government awards £315m in renewable contracts

EcoPlanet Bamboo receive US government Award for Corporate Excellence


27 February headlines

Global warming slowdown probably due to natural cycles, study finds

Manmade global warming over the past decade has probably been party offset by the cooling effect of natural variability in the Earth’s climate system, a team of climate researchers concluded. Guardian.

Failure in Paris would be grave, warns US climate envoy

Failure to agree an international deal in Paris this year would have grave consequences for UN negotiations to counter global warming, the US special envoy for climate change has warned. Financial Times.

UK minister halt Scottish fracking ahead of Holyrood move

The UK government has “agreed in principle” not to award any more fracking licences in Scotland. UK minister will, however, consult with companies that have already applied for licences before a final decision in made. BBC.

Biggest global banks go to pieces under pressure from regulators

Global regulators have issued dozens of rules med at making the biggest banks safer. That’s leading to another result some wanted: making them shrink. Bloomberg.

UK Arctic ambassador called for by House of Lords

The UK should create an ambassador for the Arctic or risk being pushed out of key decisions for the region, a House of Lords report says. BBC.


Interesting picks

Britain’s case for an independent energy policy – Financial Times

China imposes one year ivory ban on eve of Prince William visit – Telegraph

An eco-system inside your home – BBC

Is responsible investment the way to create change? – Third Sector

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