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Blue & Green Daily: Monday 16 March headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Poll: UK government failing to encourage circular economy

UK set to offer climate expertise to developing countries

Global energy emissions stalled last year


16 March headlines

Oxford University to rule on coal investments

The University of Oxford will decide whether to pull out of its investment in coal and oil sands later. Students have been campaigning for divestment for over a year. BBC.

Norway’s giant fund increase stake in oil and gas companies to £20bn

The world’s richest sovereign wealth fund increased its stake in major oil and gas companies to £20 billion in 2014, disappointing divestment campaigners. Guardian.

Stable emissions show growth and mitigation possible, envoy says

A report showing that global missions were unchanged last year shows economic growth is possible amid the fight against climate change, a World bank official said. Bloomberg.

Budget 2015: savers must be put at heart of pensions shake-up

Savers must be put at the heart of government plans to shake-up pensions, experts said, as the Chancellor unveiled proposals to make new freedoms available to all. Telegraph.

‘Long struggle’ warning on climate

America’s chief climate negotiator has warned of the long battle ahead to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Todd Stern added he expects the US to make a “quite ambitious” declaration on climate change. BBC.


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