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Blue & Green Daily: Monday 23 March headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Arctic sea ice hits record low

Carbon absorbed by Amazon has halved since 90s, says study

Gates and Bloomberg give $4 million to fight tobacco

Stock Trading Has Accelerated Beyond Our Control

Partial eclipse 2015: the source of all our power


23 March headlines

Global warming poses ‘biggest challenge’ to National Trust

Year-long silverfish infestations, battered coastlines and other consequences of a changing climate mean global warming is now the biggest single threat to the National Trust, the charity’s head has warned. Financial Times.

Climate-sceptic US senator given funds by BP political action committee

One of America’s most powerful and outspoken opponents of climate change regulation received election campaign contributions that can be traced back to senior BP staff, including chief executive Bob Dudley. Guardian.

Fossil fuels: scientists draw up investment principles

Climate scientists at leading universities are joining forces discuss the basis of a set of principles governing investment in fossil fuels. They include academics at Oxford, Imperial College London and Harvard. BBC.

Climate change: Coalition accused of politicising greenhouse gas target

The Australian Abbott government has been accused of politicising the release of official greenhouse gas projections that confirm Australia’s international climate pledge for 2020 is becoming easier to reach, but which will also increase pressure for the country to adopt a more ambitious post-2020 target. Guardian.

Abbott steps up funding to keep barrier reef off endangered list

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott promised a further A$100 million in funds as part of a plan to protect the Great Barrier Reef and keep the World Heritage site from being listed as endangered. Bloomberg.


Interesting picks

Could Oslo’s decision to divest from coal inspire bigger cities to do the same? – Guardian

Selling out of fossil fuels no solution for climate change – Financial Times

Meat free week: good for your waistline and the planet? –Telegraph

Investment consultants told to ‘man up’ on stranded assets – Financial Times

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