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Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 16 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

University of Edinburgh recommended to divest from coal and tar sands

Norway’s oil fund backs Shell climate resolution

Almost half of Brits willing to pay more for green energy

Open Energi: creating a ‘virtual power station’


16 April headlines

Ban Ki-Moon presses rich nations for $100 billion climate plan

UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon stepped up pressure on the richest nations and investors to detail how they will meet a pledge to provide developing nations $100 billion a year for climate-related programs by 2020. Bloomberg.

BP dropped green energy projects worth billion to focus on fossil fuels

BP pumped billions of pounds into low-carbon technology and green energy over a number of decades but gradually retired the programme to focus more exclusively on its fossil fuel business. Guardian.

Obama’s climate change legacy at risk from conservative heartland

President Barack Obama’s attempt to leave a legacy of domestic action on climate change faces a proliferation of legal threats just as a global deal hangs in the balance, according to a state lawyer fighting in the White House. Financial Times.

Scottish marine reserves ‘fail to protect’

Ocean life is on the brink of mass extinction that could wipe out thousands of species by the end of the century, one of the world’s leading biologists has warned. The Times.

Brazil to present ambitious climate plan with more renewables

Brazil will increase the use of renewable energy, target zero net deforestation and push for low-carbon agriculture as part of its climate proposal, environment minister Izabella Teixeria has said. Bloomberg.


Interesting picks

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