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Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 26 March headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

US coal decline a warning for fossil fuel investors, says Carbon Tracker

New platform tracks corporate deforestation commitments

Investment platform Ethex wins Sustainable Finance award

Vote for Policies at Birkbeck. Can the internet change voting?

Announcing Vote for Policies Data


26 March headlines

One in six UK homes at risk from flooding, says MPs report

England’s ability to sustain current levels of flood protection for homes and businesses faces “major risks”, MPs have warned. Some five million properties across the country are at risk of flooding. Guardian.

EU nations reach deal to start carbon-market reserve in 2021

European Union member states agreed on a compromise to see the start of automatic supply cuts in the world’s biggest carbon market in 2021, giving up plans to push for an accelerated introduction of the fix. Bloomberg.

Water ‘could warm a million homes in England’

A million properties across England could in future be heated by water from rivers, canals and the sea, the government says. The department for energy calculates this is the potential of a technology known as the water source heat pump. BBC.

Congestion charge ‘needed to hit CO2 target’

The Scottish government should consider introducing congestion charging to help meet its climate change targets, according to a report by scientific advisers. The Times.

UK drew wrong conclusions from its neonicotinoids study, scientist says

A study on which the UK government bases its position that neonicotinoid pesticides do not threaten bees may actually be the first conclusive evidence that they do, according to a leading bee scientist. Guardian.


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