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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 15 July headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Solar power: renewables energy’s ’more acceptable face’

Social impact: on the angel investment agenda

Study: UK must adopt sustainable approach to food, health and farming

Climate change damages in the EU could amount to €190bn – study

Study: organic food has more antioxidants, less toxic metals and fewer pesticides


15 July

UK will miss CO2 target without new measures: adviser

The UK will fail to meet its carbon target without taking new emissions-reduction steps, the government’s climate change adviser has said. Britain has a self-imposed goal to lower carbon-dioxide output in half from 1990 to 2025. This entails a 31% cut from today’s levels, and the nation is on course only to slash CO2 by 23%, the Committee on Climate Change has said in a report. Bloomberg.

Nestlé warns water scarcity ‘more urgent’ than climate change

World leaders must make water scarcity a bigger priority than climate change because the problem is far more urgent than global warming, the chairman of one of the world’s biggest food companies has warned. Peter Brabeck, chairman of Nestlé, said, “Today, you cannot have a political discussion anywhere without talking about climate change. Nobody talks about the water situation in this sense.” Financial Times.

Lego allows Greenpeace parody video back on YouTube

Lego has reportedly dropped its opposition to a Greenpeace parody video in which characters from the hit Lego Movie are slowly drowned in oil. The video, made to highlight the Danish company’s relationship with Shell, has reappeared on YouTube after being withdrawn last week following copyrights complaints from the toy-maker. Guardian.

China charges GSK-linked investigator and his wife for ‘illegally obtaining private information’

The corporate detective hired by GlaxoSmithKline to find out who had been sending explicit videos of its China boss has been formally charged by prosecutors in the country. The charges are the attest chapter in an extremely damaging story for GSK, which is accused by prosecutors of having bribed its way to winning drug supply contracts. Independent.


Interesting picks

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