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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 2 December headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Bank of England to assess ‘carbon bubble’ risk

UN Green Climate Fund nears $10bn after Spanish pledge

Fracking could present potential risks equivalent to asbestos and thalidomide

UN climate talks get underway in Lima


2 December headlines

E.ON to quit gas and coal and focus on renewable energy

Germany’s biggest utility firm, E.ON, has announced plans to split in two and spin off most of its power generation, energy trading and upstream business, responding to a crisis that has crippled the European energy sector. Guardian.

Osborne unveils roads plan ahead of Autumn Statement

George Osborne has unveiled the biggest road building programme “in a generation”, as he attempts to generate some good news ahead of an Autumn Statement constrained by stubbornly weak public finances. Financial Times.

Rich nations will make $100 billion climate goal, US says

Developing nations are on track to raise $100 billion a year by 2020 to help pooper countries deal with global warming and fulfil a key demand of international climate talks, the US envoy at the negotiations has said. Bloomberg.

Banks’ $650bn bet on oil backfires as Brent prices slump

British banks face losses of more than £2 billion after risky loans to the oil and gas industry go sour amid the plummeting price of crude. Banks have piled into the sector over the last three years, with oil and gas accounting for £11 of every £100 of high-yield debt. Telegraph.

Black Friday consumer frenzy is bad for the environment

A day once synonymous with fighting for social justice has been rebranded to being associated with fighting for large, flat panel TVs and energy hungry gadgets, and it’s bad for the environment. Guardian.


Interesting picks

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