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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 29 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Pressure on energy bills rises as national renewable power policy gets a makeover

Report calls for businesses to move from ‘doing less harm’ to having positive impact

IPCC report was altered by governments, says author

We must not wait to experience climate change to act, scientists warn

Supervolcanoes the biggest threat to the UK, Cabinet Office report warns


29 April headlines

FTSE joins Blackrock to help investors avoid fossil fuels

Blackrock, the world’s biggest fund manager, has teamed up with London’s FTSE Group to help investors avoid coal, oil and gas companies without putting their money at risk. In a sign that a global campaign against fossil fuels is entering the financial mainstream, companies that extract or explore such fuels are excluded from a new set of indices created by FTSE. Financial Times

Consumers confused over energy bills – BBC survey

A survey for the BBC has revealed that half of households have not switched energy companies in the past five years despite deep dissatisfaction over rising bills. The study showed that even though Ofgem has forced suppliers to simplify bills, many people still do not understand how they are calculated. BBC.

Warning over ‘privatisation’ of environmental science research body

Long-term research in Britain on issues ranging from bees to tree disease could be threatened by plans to open up the environment department’s science agency to private investment, MPs and unions say. Official are expected to announce that the Food and Environment Research Agency will become a joint venture with a private-sector investor. Guardian.

US hits Russia’s oil kingpin with first energy sanctions

The US has tightened the noose yet further on the Russian economy, imposing a sanction on the kingpin of Russia’s oil industry in a move that could have more serious consequences. The US Treasury blacklisted Igor Sechin, chairman of Russia’s top oil producer Rosneft. He is thought to be the mastermind of the Kremlin’s energy strategy. Telegraph.


Interesting picks

The good, bad and ugly of shareholder activism – Telegraph

Why wave power has lagged far behind as an energy source – Guardian

Super funds must start investing ethically – Sydney Herald

Climate change a growing concern for companies expanding their footprint – Guardian

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