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Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 29 July headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Sustainable investors have solid and diversified options in today’s funds market

Another year, another Forum for the Future scholar graduation

EU organic farming on the rise despite UK government’s GMO sympathy

Thinktank calls for the creation of ethical community bank network

Trees in US save 850 lives per year by removing pollution


29 July headlines

IPCC climate change report’s findings must be accepted, MPs say

The world’s most comprehensive report yet on the science of climate change has been strongly endorsed by an influential group of MPs. The Energy and Climate Change Committee found that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s process were “robust” and policymakers should accept their conclusions. Guardian.

Beauty sports still at fracking ‘risk’, say campaigners

Fracking licences can only be issued for beauty spots in “exceptional circumstances”, according to new rules issued by the government. Companies applying to frack near beauty sports will have additional obligations. But some environmental campaigners say the new rules are not tough enough. BBC.

World Bank to support construction of Congo’s Inga 3 hydro plant

The World Bank will support the Democratic Republic of Congo’s plans to build the Inga 3 hydroelectric dam to narrow the power shortage in Africa’s largest copper producer. Mahktar Diop, World Bank vice president for Africa, said the project would be good for both growth and climate change. He added that the plant had the potential to transform Congo. Bloomberg.

Banks to report bumper profits as bad loans fall

Britain’s banking sector will attempt to dispel the clouds surrounding it and show that it isn’t only the Royal Bank of Scotland that is benefitting from the economic recovery as the reporting season gets into full swing this week. Barclays is expected to report adjusted pre-tax profits of £3.4 billion, while it is anticipated Lloyds will follow with announcing underling pre-tax profits of £3.5 billion. Independent.

Shale gas speed-up likely to make slow progress

The plan for the next big expansion in fracking licences announced on Monday is the latest step in the government’s campaign to unlock a potential bonanza of shale gas sitting under the UK. However, industry participants and observers have questioned how much environmental and operational constraints will be attached to the licences. Financial Times.


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