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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 1 July headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Government faces increasing costs if it fails to act quickly on climate, warns report

Obama and Attenborough discuss climate change

Climate negotiations ‘far too slow’, says UN chief

Make ‘renewable energy’ in India


1 July headlines

Government must explain removal of support for onshore wind, advisers say

The government must explain how its withdrawal of support from onshore wind farms will affect the cost of meeting greenhouse gas emissions targets, and urgently set out plans for alternative electricity generation, its statuary advisors on climate change have said.  Guardian.

Greenhouse gas pledges bolster hopes for global deal

The US and three big emerging market countries have bolstered hopes for a global deal to combat climate change this year by unveiling plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Financial Times.

Church of England divests from Soco oil firm over Virunga operations

The Church of England has sold its stake in a British oil and gas company over allegations of bribery, corruption and human rights anuses and hat it said was the company’s failure to unequivocally rule out drilling for oil in Africa’s oldest national park. Guardian.

US Supreme Court block new toxic pollution changes

The US Supreme Court has blocked a key government attempt to limit pollution from the country’s power plants. In a 5-4 split the court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency failed to factor in the full financial costs to industry. BBC.

We have better things to do than implement the ring-fence, says HSBC

The banking ring-fence takes vital resources away from more useful projects that HSBC would prefer to be implementing, such as improving customer service, the bank’s UK chairman told a House of Lord committee. Telegraph.


Interesting picks

How technology can help combat climate change – Bloomberg

Alaska glaciers melting faster as planet overheats – RTCC

Climate change caused by multiple market failures – Financial Times

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