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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 11 February headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Investors calls for transparency and clarification in green bond market

Energy consumption across EU falls to lowest levels since 90s

MPs identify £600m shortfall in flood defence funding

Brits increasingly opting for more environmentally friendly cars


11 February headlines

UK spent 300 times more on fossil fuels than clean energy despite green pledge

The UK government has broken a key pledge to support green energy abroad over “dirty” energy projects by spending more than three hundred times as much backing fossil fuels energy companies with clean energy projects via the government’s export credit agency. Guardian.

Miners aim to bring cleaner coal to developed world

The world’s largest coal miners are forming a new initiative to being cleaner power plant technology to developing countries toward-off the burgeoning pressure for pension funds to divest fossil fuel producers. The Times.

Cameron’s bid to tap shale-gas boom founders amid fracking bans

The drive by UK prime minister David Cameron and chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne to spur a shale-gas revolution is floundering before it’s even started amid temporary bans. Bloomberg.

Urban habitats ‘provide haven’ for bees

Britain’s urban areas are home to more types of wild bee than farmland, a study has found. Flowers planted in gardens and allotments provide a valuable food source for bees across the year, according to research. BBC.

Conservationists call for UK to create world’s largest marine reserve

Pressure is mounting on the UK government and opposition parties to commit to creating at least one massive marine reserve in the Pacific or Atlantic to protect rare and threatened whales, sharks, fish and corals ahead of the general election. Guardian.


Interesting picks

South Africa considers viability of legal rhino horn trade – Guardian

Geoengineering: the bad idea we need to stop climate change – Bloomberg

Show the love: Stephen Fry and Meera Syal join stars highlighting climate change challenges – Telegraph

British capitalism is broken. Here’s how to fix it – Guardian

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