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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 18 June headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Environmental philanthropy: a gift from you to the future

Future sustainability leaders: Kate Beattie

UK and Chinese governments issue ‘ground-breaking’ climate change pledge

BP and Shell to announce multi-billion pound deals with China

Pope Francis calls on governments to create ethical investment markets


18 June headlines

World’s energy systems vulnerable to climate impacts, report warns

Rising sea levels, extremes of weather and an increase in the frequency of droughts and floods will all play havoc with the world’s energy systems as climate change takes hold, a new report has found. Energy companies are more often cited as part of the problem of climate change and they will also suffer as global warming picks up the pace. Guardian.

Expansion of US marine protected zone could double world reserves

The US plan to create the world’s biggest marine protected area in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The White House will extend an existing protected area, which would double the world’s fully protected marine reserves. Fishing and drilling would be banned from an area that could eventually cover two million sq km. BBC.

China interested in investing in HS2 and nuclear power

China has signalled its interest in investing in two of Britain’s biggest and most controversial infrastructure projects – High Speed 2 and new nuclear power stations – at trade talks led by David Cameron and Chinese premier Li Keqiang. The two leaders have discussed multi-billion-pound projects and laid the foundations for potential direct investment by China. Telegraph.

Bullington Cross wind turbine plan rejected at joint meeting

A project to build one of the south of England’s biggest wind farms has been turned down. The Bullington wind farm scheme was rejected in a joint meeting of three Hampshire councils and has previously been branded “totally inappropriate” during a debate in the commons. EDF Energy wanted to put up 14 turbines but the Ministry of Defence opposed the scheme. BBC.

MPs condemn exemption of small retailers from plastic bag charge

Government plans for a 5p charge on single-use plastic bags, intended to discourage their use, have been sharply criticised by MPs for not going far enough. The environmental audit committee accuses the government of ignoring calls to force all retailers to apply the charge. Ministers have decided to exempt small businesses, arguing it would be unfair. Guardian.


Interesting picks

A climate fix would ruin investors – Financial Times

Greenpeace’s £3m gamble could yet reap dividends in the fight against climate change – Guardian

Overcoming inequality and climate change key to ending poverty – Huffington Post

China leads in renewable investment – Again! – Forbes

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