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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 19 February headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Getting engaged on Valentine’s Day

Sinkholes in the UK: is the bad weather to blame?

Tax energy use, say retailers

Charitable sector ‘emerging from recession’, says Charity Bank

‘Darker’ Arctic is warming the Earth faster


19 February headlines

Insurers accuse Miliband of raising false hopes for UK flood victims

A furious insurance industry branded Ed Miliband as irresponsible and accused him of raising false hopes when he suggested that insured victims of the floods should receive payments within weeks. The industry also challenged claims that he has recently met senior executives in the insurance industry. Guardian.

UK economy most at risk globally from storms, says study

Britain’s economy is the most at risk from intense storms such as the one that have battered the country this winter, according to a global natural disaster ranking. Britain’s economic exposure to flooding is the seventh highest globally and could worsen because of climate change. Financial Times.

BP chief Bob Dudley challenges politicians to encourage energy investment

The chief executive of BP has challenged governments, including the UK’s, to play a “critical” role in encouraging investment in oil and gas resources. The comments come ahead of the Wood Review into extending the lifespan of the North Sea resources. Telegraph.

Compensate us if you freeze the carbon tax, says power giant Drax

Power giant Drax has said freezing the carbon tax will help keep the lights on and cut bills, but has added that it should be compensated after investing in biomass in the belief the tax would rise. An increase in the levy is expected gto be announced at the Budget next month. Telegraph.


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