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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 29 January headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Consider sustainability and ethics when investing in ISAs this year

A loyal toast and sustainable suggestion: sustainable monarchy

Fiona Woolf: London must lead in social impact investment

Financial advisers see investment benefits of renewables – but ‘knowledge gap’ remains

Majority of Britons unaware of ‘carbon bubble’ investment risks

Survey reveals public’s misconceptions on energy saving and efficiency


January 29 headlines

State of the Union: Obama expected to move forward with climate plan

Campaigners were looking to Barack Obama to expand his use of executive powers to deliver action on climate change in the State of the Union address. Following a warning in last year’s State of the Unions address Obama unveiled a sweeping climate plan. Guardian.

Ministers have ‘failed to convince the public’ over fracking, Owen Paterson admits

Ministers have “failed to convince the public” over the merits of fracking and have lost ground to campaigners with “exciting” clothes and banners, Owen Paterson, the environment secretary, has admitted. Telegraph.

Environment Agency coping well with flooding in Britain, say experts

The Environment Agency has managed a spate of recent storms and widespread flooding well, despite criticisms and budget cuts it is facing, experts have said. The organisation has been criticised over a lack of dredging in the Somerset Levels. Guardian.

BP quits Islandmagee Storage’s Larne Lough gas plan

BP has pulled out of a project to store gas below Larne Lough. The £400 million facility would store imported natural gas in seven excavated caverns, holding enough gas to satisfy Northern Ireland’s energy need for 60 days. BBC.

Bank account complaints jump 155pc in nine months

Complaints from bank customers over paid-for accounts have soared 155% in just nine months, the Financial Ombudsman Service has said. Thousands of customers are angry that they are paying for extras, such as travel insurance and car breakdown cover, which they either did not know existed or did not want. Telegraph.


Interesting picks

London bee summit: pesticides or no pesticides? – Guardian

Nuclear, wind and renewable debate: Bennett and Dorries – BBC

Britain’s economic recovery: unbalanced and unsustainable – Telegraph

India’s coal inferno – Ecologist

Economic view: No matter what the politicians say, GDP is a distorted guide to economic performance and a bad way to measure prosperity – Independent


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