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Book review: Finding Gaia – Kimberly Chapman (2012)



Finding Gaia is an intelligent romance and fantasy novel with a unique storyline. The book follows the wealthy Jason Truitt, who runs an international conglomerate of environmental businesses and research facilities, and also happens to be immortal.

Due to his failure to age and uncanny health Jason has distanced himself from normal human life. In 1899, Jason sees a woman, his Gaia, at a gathering and knows she is like him. Ever since the sighting he has been searching for her.

Finding Gaia is well written and has a fantastic cast of characters that readers can connect and sympathise with, whilst following their contrasting struggles. All the characters grow throughout the novel and don’t follow the typical romance route when it comes to their storylines or characteristics.

A range of environmental issues are discussed throughout the book and are bought up in the storyline naturally. These topics include the role of environmentalists and animal testing.

Although the beginning of the book is slow it does pick up and will certainly keep the readers attention. The ending leaves room for more that many will be early anticipating.