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Career Searching? Don’t Forget Nursing



When little children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, most replies are familiar–teacher, police officer, nurse. As we get older and become aware of just how many career options we have, those responses from our youth tend to fall by the wayside in favor of newer, more exciting-sounding options.

But the tried and true reached that status for a good reason: they are good, solid jobs, well respected and usually rather well-paid. When you reach a point in your life where you’re making a choice of careers–or a change in careers–don’t give up on reliable jobs like nursing. There are some unique things about this job in particular that can make you glad you took it on.

Educational Flexibility

Especially for people in a career change, the flexibility of your nursing program is very important. If you want to hurry and get into the workforce, accelerated nursing programs at Gwynedd Mercy University can educate you quickly and get you to work. Traditional programs can also get you there at a more conventional pace if that’s your desire. Whatever tempo you choose, you can find it.

Many people start their nursing careers by going to nursing school for 2-3 years and passing the NCLEX exam to become registered nurses. Nursing schools are a great option for those who want to start working before getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree. One advantage of nursing schools is that they cover most of the topics needed for the NCLEX exam. Some schools also have a required final exam called HESI, which helps assess students’ readiness for the NCLEX. These schools help students prepare for the HESI, and there are lots of online resources available, like reading materials, HESI practice exams, and quizzes from sources like career employer, NurseHub, and other similar platforms.

You can also choose whether to go through a program that is strictly an RN track or one that expands it into a bachelor’s degree. If you take the first option, you can also go back later and get that BSN, qualifying you for better wages and better jobs, all the while staying at work full-time if you wish. Few other careers can offer that route!

Career Flexibility

Not all nursing jobs are the same. Not even close! With an RN certification, you aren’t doomed to a lifetime of giving flu shots or changing bedpans. You can work in an emergency department and someday be part of a helicopter flight crew. You can work as an educator to people with chronic conditions like diabetes.

And your path can go even further. After your BSN, you could choose to become a nurse practitioner and oversee you own clinic or office, with patients directly under your care. It’s expected to be a rapidly growing field in the coming years, so the opportunities will abound for you!

Career Durability

There will always be people getting sick and hurt, and when they aren’t sick or hurt, they’ll be monitoring their health to make sure they don’t get sick or hurt. All of this takes interaction with people; no computer or machine can do the job instead. So just as we’ve had nurses since the earliest days of medicine, we can expect that we always will have nurses.

So apart from a broad range of options within nursing, you can also be very confident that your career will be around for as long as you want to stay in it. When your friends in trendy tech jobs or manufacturing work are left behind by new systems, you will still be gainfully employed. That is worth a lot.

Choosing a career takes careful consideration. No one would suggest jumping at the first thought that you have. But when you clear aside all the potential complications of so many careers, it is hard to argue with a career in nursing. It’s realistic to get into, realistic to evolve in, and realistic to keep for many years. Getting into being a nurse can be tedious but nursing agency jobs from Day Webster are excellent for getting experience to push your career quicker and further.

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