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Create The Perfect Green Home With The Right Team

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More and more companies are banking on sustainability in their operations. Unsurprisingly, this direction is luring in more homeowners as their principles and value align with their favorite brands. One furniture company that is considered as one of the “greenest” companies in the United States is Aspen Home.

Bridging the gap between expensive furniture and budget-constrained homeowners, you can find the right company will transform every house into a home people can live comfortably in. Specializing in innovative and state of the art designs for your living room, dining room, bedroom, home entertainment, and home office, you need a furniture company that you can trust for your house.

Don’t fall prey to other furniture brands claiming to be the best. With over 40 years of experience in the furniture business, this company is a reliable partner when it comes to decorating or redesigning every room in your home.

Sustainability and Artistry Are Both Important for Your Home

We have previously talked about the benefits of buying eco-friendly furniture. Unfortunately, finding green furniture isn’t always easy. You need to really do your research to find a green furniture manufacturer that you can trust.

The Good Trade has a nice list, but some of the best companies weren’t mentioned. A good furniture company doesn’t do anything by halves when it comes to serving its clients. Ever since they launched in 1980, Aspen has produced every style and design you can think of. Each furniture design is thoughtfully created to bring functionality, comfort, and style that doesn’t break the bank.

Starting their main factory in Phoenix, Arizona, you will find that the best furniture companies will have several factories in the United States and even overseas. Aspen is one of them. This company’s journey in furniture design had started small. Being run by a family with a passion for service and excellence, the brand puts outstanding customer service and quality at the forefront of its business. They pride themselves on their commitment to green craftsmanship.

The company has grown into a full-line green furniture company that supplies all kinds of home furnishings for every living room, dining room, bedroom, home entertainment, and home office. The company takes pride in creating each collection with a distinct design that can WOW clients. The collections can range from transitional, country, coastal, to traditional, rustic, contemporary styling, and more.

Any genuine green furniture company’s mantra is to ensure that every homeowner can enjoy their furniture products and can “work, play, and relax” on a whole new level.

You need a furniture company that also believes that business operations should transcend beyond bottom lines, revenues, and expansions. The brand is proud of its sustainable business operations. In fact, protecting the environment is at the core of their production and daily routine.

For instance, the company doesn’t use veneers or lumbers from any rain forest as most of their furniture products are made of sustainable woods. Moreover, a good furniture company also adheres to the California Air Resource Board requirements to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals that are detrimental to customers’ health. Additionally, a green furniture company also uses Forest Stewardship Council approved paper for all their product catalogs and advertising collaterals. Last but not least, the brand ensures that all their domestic and overseas corporate branches practice energy-saving methods to push their advocacy further.

Quality Beyond Compare

When choosing fhe right furniture company or a more comfortable living, rest assured all furniture products will last a lifetime. Moreover, you can choose any design that is fit for any home decor. The versatility in products makes it easy for homeowners to spruce up any area in their bedroom, dining, home office, and more.

Functionality is also a priority when buying furniture, especially if you are looking for an eco-friendly line. You’ll enjoy features such as adjustable shelves, touch lighting, and more.

Some of their collections have outstanding design elements. For example, you can pick the Napa collection for a more traditional look. If you’re into the transitional appeal, try the Canyon Creek or Cambridge collections. These are all great options for eco-friendly consumers that want to choose a green furniture line for their home.

And for a more casual design, go for the Cross Country, or Bayfield collections. Rest assured, there is always something for every home style.

Choose a Green Furniture Company that You Can Trust

Without a doubt, Aspen Home is the name you can trust when choosing quality, durable, and affordable furniture. If you want to check out more of Aspen’s extensive collections, browse Local Furniture Outlet‘s website for all collections.

Becca Stickler is a freelance writer with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living.