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We want to create an independent, fair, optimistic and responsible media voice that helps our readers make sustainable choices daily. Matching sustainably-minded readers with the most sustainable organisations means our business ecosystem can be humane, ecological and economic.

It’s a virtuous cycle. Demand for sustainable goods and services outstrips supply. What’s difficult for busy people is finding sustainable options and then choosing between them. Business makes it much easier to make an unsustainable choice, when the default position should be providing the sustainable one. We’ll help our readers make informed sustainable choices.

Sustainable companies are often the struggling challengers in their field, lacking the marketing budgets and the cushion of existing customers that their unsustainable peers have. This often makes incumbents lazy and arrogant – and much easier to challenge, if sustainable companies can access markets. We’ll help sustainable companies reach markets, affordably.

And then there’s the commercial media, which wholly depends on the advertising spend of the unsustainable status quo. There’s a lot of financial coverage in the national press, because there’s a lot of advertising from financial services. The pervading view of the mainstream press attacks sustainability because there’s a lot of unsustainable advertising they need to succour.

Finally, we have an unsustainable democracy. Voter turnout rose just 1% from 2010 to 2015, during a pivotal election where a digital revolution could have ignited the electorate. It didn’t. We now have a majority government (51% seats) with the support of a just over a third (37% voters) of those who voted and less than a quarter of those who could vote (24% electorate). Even less taking into account the millions who are not registered. So who do they really represent? Those who underwrite them – financial interests mainly.

So we have a reckless, purely economic, cycle, rather than a virtuous one. People cannot easily make sustainable choices when confronted with the market and distribution domination of unsustainable providers. The media has created an editorial-advertising complex that promotes and maintains the unsustainable status quo. Governments legislate to protect the unsustainable status quo and tell us that there is no alternative.

Blue & Green and Greenwise are not about some misty-eyed idealism, or petition-wielding slaktivism – getting two million people who already agree with you to agree with you again changes nothing. We don’t want to preach to the converted. Our aim is to demonstrate how open, ethical, responsible and sustainable capitalism, working collaboratively with well-funded public services, governed by fair and transparent laws, created by representative and accountable politicians can work for everyone: our planet, its people and everyone’s prosperity.

Everything is connected. With your help we’ll make millions of connections between the sustainable majority and the sustainable organisations, who together are addressing our generation’s unprecedented and existential challenges.

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