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Crowdfunder UK Supports Sustainable Projects



Crowdfunder UK is a big supporter of green and sustainable projects. Crowdfunder says: “From the oceans to the sky, it’s amazing to see people coming together to protect the beautiful things in life”. Below are some crowdfunders who are passionate about creating eco-friendly and sustainable projects and another which highlights how successful crowdfunding can be.


The Hillyfield

The Hillyfield is a beautiful woodland in the heart of Dartmoor where people are encouraged to get involved in the hands-on care of the land. Doug and Claire are raising funds to be able to fight planners and carry on maintaining The Hillyfield. The team are raising a total of £35,000, with funds being used to take the planners to court. Support The Hillyfield.

Newlina Eco-Gardens

Newlina Eco-Gardens are looking to set up the Wild Garden Project. The project will be a beautiful edible garden with facilities for visitors to come to forage, learn and enjoy fun Eco-Events.
Laura and Paul are looking for £12,000 of funding to transform their unused space and open it up to be enjoyed by the local community. Support Newlina Eco-Gardens

The Shark Trust

The Shark Trust is an example of how projects can benefit from crowdfunding.

Blue Sharks are currently fished without catch limits across Europe. The No Limits? campaign from The Shark Trust exposes the threat of uncontrolled fishing, and pushes science-based catch limits as a solution.

The campaign needed an injection of funds to help them rapidly spread the message across Europe, so looked to crowdfunding. In order to maximise awareness, they timed the launch of the campaign with the airing of an ITV’s ‘Britain’s Sharks’.

No Limits? raised £16,259 from 383 backers in 42 days.

Paul Cox, Managing Director of The Shark Trust “The end of uncontrolled shark fishing is not going to happen overnight but with the help of the crowd we will get there.”