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eco-friendly restaurants are bringing the outdoors inside eco-friendly restaurants are bringing the outdoors inside


Eco-Friendly Restaurants That Are Bringing the Outside Inside

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A growing number of restaurants are looking into becoming eco-friendlier. They are responding to customer feedback indicating sustainability is more important than ever. One poll showed that 30% of customers would rather support an environmentally friendly restaurants.

Restaurants are taking a number of steps to be eco-friendlier. Some are changing their supply chains to be better for the planet. However, smart restaurants are showing their commitment to sustainability to their customers to earn their trust.

One way companies are proving that they are eco-friendly is by making their establishments look like the outdoors. This shows customers that they think the environment is important and they are doing their part to help.

Restaurants Are Bringing the Outdoors Inside

This approach isn’t just about environmental sustainability. There is a considerable amount of research to illustrate the health and wellbeing benefits of surrounding ourselves with plants, including reducing stress, improving air quality, and even helping us to change our entire outlook for the better. So, as more of us are actively seeking to connect with the natural world around us within our day-to-day lives, creative interior designers and restaurateurs with a clear vision on how they want their food to be enjoyed are cleverly incorporating a variety of natural elements within their interior dining spaces.

There are so many different ways to bring the outside inside and the benefits of doing so are numerous. Using natural elements is a particularly smart choice for restaurants that use fresh, seasonal ingredients within their dishes, as a verdant eating environment encourages diners to mindfully experience and immerse themselves within the fresh sights, sounds and textures, of each dish and their surroundings.

Green or living walls are proving to be a particularly popular choice all around the world, largely because there are an array of plants including fruits, herbs and grasses that can grow vertically. They are great for eco-friendly brands.

Eco-Friendly Environments with an Enjoyable Ambience

Green walls are absolutely stunning and give a space an undeniable ‘wow factor’ that always gets people talking. But that’s not all. Green walls also work to create eco-friendly environments that are naturally cooler, quieter, and fresher. Although softly lit dining experiences certainly have their place, enjoying food and drinks with a bright and airy space is a much more sociable event that may also be more memorable.

Spending time outside is an essential element of the maintenance of our overall sense of health and wellbeing. The same effects can be felt when we’re surrounded by aspects of the outside when we’re inside, with an immediate sense of tranquility washing over us as we step inside a space with lots of leafy greenery and bright bursts of floral color.

There are an array of restaurants around the world that have incorporated living walls into their dining spaces, including Edulis in Madrid, Spain which expertly showcases that even the simplest designs can make a big impact. Padrinos in Mexico City has opted for a more elaborate living wall, creating a living sculpture of sorts with several different green tones incorporated into a striking talking point.

Goldie’s in California is a prime example of how to incorporate green walls into spaces with a laid-back and inviting atmosphere. Numerous tones of green and different textures have been incorporated, as has the addition of small splashes of lilac purple hues that deliver an element of surprise.

As well as making an immediately striking impression, plants are also natural deodorizers and consistently work hard to disguise unpleasant scents in the air including pollution. They also deliver a layer of soundproofing to a space, blocking out jarring sounds that can interrupt the dining experience or make it difficult to hold a conversation with your companions.

Picture Perfect From Every Angle

It’s not a coincidence that some of the most popular places to dine around the world use natural elements within their interiors. In fact, many of the most instagrammed restaurants in London feature lavish floral displays, an array of potted plants, or ivy covered walls.

Dalloway Terrace in the exquisite Bloomsbury Hotel is renowned for its seasonal floral and foliage displays that adorn its walls and ceilings. Russet-toned displays are the star of the show in the fall season, with twinkling warm white fairy lights used to bring an extra element of magic during the winter. The spring season brings an abundance of soft blush tones and during the summer months, the retractable roof allows the warm sunshine to radiate throughout the terrace illuminating the gorgeous colors that make this season feel so lively and vivacious.

There are also an array of more contemporary restaurants using elements of the outdoors within their decor, including Juno Rooms on Watling Street. This dining space features an eclectic combination of design features including mis-matched chairs with vibrant leaf printed upholstery, ivy traversing the walls, and a charmingly realistic faux blossom tree.

Restaurants Are Making Sustainability Part of their Branding

Smart restaurants recognize that sustainability is important in modern business. They are bringing the outdoors inside as part of their branding strategy.


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