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Film review: Sicko (2007)



Michael Moore’s Sicko examines how the profit-oriented healthcare organisations in the US compare to the free universal care available in the UK, France and Canada.

The documentary attempts to highlight the contradictions in the American health system. Moore looks at the ethics of a health insurance and pharmaceutical industry that is focused entirely on profits.

The film contains a wide variety of interviews in order to demonstrate various points of views and perspectives including employees of insurance companies, surgeons, patients of the NHS and an American woman residing in London.

Moore also speaks with rescue workers who volunteered after the September 11 attacks in 2001 and finds that many were denied government funds to care for physical and psychological ailments, proving that there is a vast difference between the health care systems.

Whilst some have criticised Moore’s optimistic view of the NHS in the documentary, it certainly shows that whilst it may not be perfect it is by far better for society than a privatised health service.

Sicko gives an interesting insight into the different health care systems, with the American health care debate continuing the message is especially relevant. It is a real eye-opener about the inequality in the American system that favours the rich and puts profits above people’s welfare.

Moore puts forward a passionate argument and attempts to rally American citizens to call for universal free healthcare.