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Introducing a Blue & Green friend: Zipcar



Each day we’re introducing one, two or three of our new affiliate friends. If you click through the link in this article, the link is tracked and may generate a small payment to us. Sometimes the payment is per click, per user, per application, per accepted application or any combination of the above. That payment funds us so we can grow and encourage even more readers to live, spend and invest sustainably. Today it’s the turn of Zipcar.

In the UK, Zipcar operates in London, Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford.  In London, there are over 1,700 vehicles available for use at convenient locations across the Capital.  The benefits of use in London include members avoiding the congestion charge and on-street parking permits as this is all paid for by ZipcarZipcar offers 11 makes and models of self-service vehicles by the hour or day to residents and businesses looking for an alternative to the high costs and hassles of owning a car.

Quick Facts:

– On average, it is estimated that one Zipcar takes up to 15 privately owned vehicles off the road

– Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing and car club service, which offers its members freedom from the restrictions of not only traditional car rental, but car ownership

– Members can reserve a Zipcar online, over the phone and via an app on a smart phone which means they can book a car on the go

– You can choose a timeslot and a location to pick up the vehicle that’s convenient to you, and reserve minutes or months in advance

– Rates include 40 miles of fuel, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, road tax and the Congestion Charge

Zipcar for Business 

A Zipcar for Business membership offers companies and their employees a smarter, more cost-effective way to get around during the work week. Business membership is custom-made for companies like yours — with exclusive low rates on weekday driving. Reserve cars 24/7 by the hour or day. No deposits. No monthly commitments. (And no more waiting at the rental depots.) Just unlock vehicles with your Zipcard or on your smartphone and go. Make a smart business move and open your company account today.


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