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How to Make Your Business More Green



The world is a much better place to live in if only man learns to live harmoniously with his environment. The good thing is that many of the world’s business organizations, spurred by incentives coming from different governments, are now integrating a variety of green technologies in all aspects of their operation. If you would also like to make your business more green, then you need to fully understand what it means to go green.

While some people are confused about the phrase “green technology”, the basic principle is quite easy to understand. Because there’s no way to stop human development, humans have the unique capacity to make sure that their developmental activities, in the name of progress, do not significantly impact the environment. This essentially means minimizing wastage and coming up with more innovative solutions that will not harm the natural environment.

For instance, members of the manufacturing sector in the EK can minimize their wastage by using acrylic sheet cut-to-size with Because the cutting of the materials are done by machines, the precision cuts minimizes wastages which would otherwise find themselves in landfills which can pollute adjacent waterbeds.

Going green means using recyclable if not reusable materials. The preferred method is to reuse materials to increase their lifespan and functionality. For example, if you are expanding your business and will be opening a new branch soon, one green technology methodology you can observe is to double check your inventory and look for materials that can be reused or even reclaimed. Wood is an excellent material for design purposes, especially from reclaimed sources. This helps save trees by using those that are still usable.

Integrating green concepts in your business can be as simple as printing draft reports and unimportant reading materials on scrap or used paper. Offices print documents on brand new sheets of paper only to be rejected by the management. Instead of these documents going straight to the shredder, the other side of the page can still be used for other purposes such as post-it notes. Once both sides of the paper have been printed on, then this can go to the shredder. Printing on used paper greatly diminishes the dependence on trees for their pulp.

However, a more efficient way of doing things is to do them the right way the first time. Errors or mistakes can greatly increase wastage. The more wastes, the greater the impact in the environment. This is also where automation can help. Automating a variety of processes can significantly reduce wastage due to human errors. However, it is equally important to choose machines or devices that do not have a huge environmental footprint. Otherwise, the whole idea of going green using technology will all be for naught.

Integrating green concepts in your business is actually very easy. However, a more important issue is sustainability. Most organizations only do pretty well in the initial stages. Eventually, they lose steam. That’s why, if you want your business to be successful in becoming more green, then efforts must start from and sustained by you.