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National Ethical Investment Week 2012: one month countdown



With just over a month to go until National Ethical Investment Week 2012 kicks off, Alex Blackburne looks into what’s planned for this year’s event.

This year’s National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW) takes place on October 14-20, and it promises to be bigger, better and more impactful than ever.

Last year, over 350 independent financial advisers got involved in some capacity with the event, and that’s not all.

Countless charities, financial organisations, faith groups, NGOs and community groups clubbed together at dozens of locations around the country to raise awareness of ethical, sustainable, responsible and green investing.

The event’s slogan is “Make money and make a difference” – i.e., invest your money in sustainable funds and companies that are not solely profit-driven, and instead incorporate the planet and its people into their strategies, whilst also recouping a healthy return.

Research conducted by UKSIF, the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association which is at the forefront of NEIW, found that 42% of people with investments subscribe to the event’s slogan.

NEIW recently targeted religious groups in its quest to spread the word about this better way of aligning investments, but participation in the event is by no means exclusive to this community.

There are currently 17 cities across the UK hosting events of some kind, so have a look at the NEIW website for a full list of meet-ups.

At Blue & Green Tomorrow, we’re delighted to be recognised as an official supporter National Ethical Investment Week, and sincerely hope that you and your organisation share our enthusiasm in raising the profile of one of the financial world’s most flourishing sectors.

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