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The new trends concerning landscapes



This is an ever-changing scenario year after year for the simple reason that trends just come and go with a few of them sticking around. Some trends fade away while others carry on year after year. It’s rather interesting to see the constant trend changes through the eyes of a landscaping company and to according determine the whims and fancies of your client/s. Let’s take a look at some of the new trends that have emerged in the past couple of years

  • Pluck it and eat: Edible plants might become the new “in” thing with ultra-fresh herbs and spices. Nowadays people are becoming more and more obsessed with farm-fresh ingredients wherever you go so on that note, it would make perfect sense for you to bring that aspect to your very backyard or garden itself. And after all, why not?

    Nothing better than to take matter into your own hands and become self-sufficient. In the case of larger properties, you can even incorporate orchards and vineyards as well. After all, people’s desire for healthier and fresher options doesn’t seem likely to diminish anytime soon.

  • Outdoor spaces: This trend seems to have been around for awhile now. You can think of it as being a mere extension of your home itself. The main changes appear to be the requirements/features of the clients in their outdoor spaces.

    Once people start looking at their lawns as living rooms, automatically there would be an urge to have perhaps a barbeque or a fireplace around as well, for a source of heat. The preference and tendency to have a variety of functions and multiple areas to accommodate those functions as well as outdoor kitchens for a lot of people and clients out there seems to be increasing.

  • Water conservation: The threat of tightened water regulations as well as drought looms large across many nations and something needs to be done about it. In that aspect you need to be prepared to use your landscape space as a part of the solution and not a part of the problem by sticking to old-fashioned and generic ideas. Start seriously thinking about green infrastructure solutions as well as proper rainwater harvesting so that you drastically reduce your usage of water in the long run.
  • Tech has taken over: LED lighting is only a small part of the main picture with the energy efficiency factor being a big plus in its favour. Once you take that idea a few steps further, you can even get theme-park inspired lights and an app on your smartphone to control them as well as make them sparkle or light up at intervals. Who knows? The possibilities are numerous as well as the fact that massive sound systems as well as high-res TV sets will continue to be popular.
  • Low maintenance designs: With the busy schedule and hectic lives of most urban people, who really has the time to tend to their backyard garden design in Sydney or any other Metropolitan city? For this reason alone, the planting of tough, drought resistant plants as well as the usage of ground covers to prevent the growing of weeds and keeping a smart check on the chemical composition of your soil to suit the needs of the plants are wise decisions that will ensure the proper steady maintenance of your landscape.

If you happen to be a part of a landscaping company, you’ll will have to approach design while keeping the trends in mind in order to help your clients understand the value of responsible and thorough design. Installation will also have to be a part of the overall package as well. On the other hand, if you are simply looking to spruce up your driveway or garden for that matter, you can simply take matters into your own hands and let your imagination run wild.



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