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TED talks: Jane Goodall helps humans and animals live together



Given it’s International Women’s Day, who better to feature in this week’s TED talk than the queen of the jungle herself, Dame Jane Goodall?

Filmed in June 2007, Goodall talks about how we can learn from the African villages that live side-by-side with endangered animals – as if they are equal, and not inferior, to humans.

Here we are, arguably the most intelligent being that’s ever walked planet Earth, with this extraordinary brain […] and yet we’re destroying the only home we have”, she says in the talk, which serves as a timely reminder of just how important environmental conservation is.

It’s high time we remembered that we’re not the only things on this planet; even though we sometimes act like it, by melting the ice caps, cutting down the trees and polluting the air and the oceans through our irresponsible activities.

After all, there is no plan(et) B.

To watch this video on the TED website, click here.