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There must be an angel…



Blue & Green Tomorrow has enjoyed rapid growth since we moved fully online in October 2011 – our readership is growing by 100% every month. Thank you to all of you for continuing to support us!

We’re now looking at how we fund our next phase of growth. We’re looking for a patron, business angel or group of angels within our readership, who share our values and mission, to support us and take a significant stake in our business and its future direction.

In short, our environment is being degraded and we’re wasting scarce resources at a terrifying rate.

While we recognise humanity’s enormous capacity to find innovative solutions to future problems, it makes no sense to screw up our planet in the first place. Investing in and buying from the businesses that balance the needs of the planet, its people and prosperity seems like a smarter strategy.

After all, there is no plan(et) B.

Every day, we write about the people and organisations doing incredible things to balance planet, people and prosperity but, most importantly, we ‘follow the money’.

For every $1 of global GDP, $26 is traded in financial markets. More than ever before in human history, it is what we invest in that shapes our world and all of our children’s future.

Every month we want to publish a fair, optimistic and responsible in-depth report on one aspect of sustainability that educates, entertains and informs. We’ve done guides on investment and tourism, and will be publishing one on renewable energy next week.

But long-form, quality journalism costs and that’s why we need help.

For a confidential discussion about our ambitious plans and how you can help us change the world, please email