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UK energy consumption: interactive infographic



Regular readers of Blue & Green Tomorrow, and indeed followers of our infographics, might have seen our UK energy consumption infographic last month.

We looked at how it had changed between 1970 and 2010, breaking the charts up into sectors and energy sources using Department of Energy and Climate Change statistics.

And it seems that solar panel specialist EvoEnergy has had a similar idea, after coming up with an interactive energy consumption guide based on the exact same dataset.

It’s a very attractive graphic, and allows users to click on various places to see different nuggets of information.

The UK Energy Consumption Guide. (Click for infographic).

Andrew Burley, EvoEnergy regional manager, said the infographic “is designed to make analysis and education about energy consumption simpler.”

He added, “Our hope is that everyone in the UK will now be able to gain a better understanding of how our energy consumption has changed over the last 40 years and what we can learn from it to benefit us in the future.”

The infographic can be viewed by clicking on the image above, or by following this link.

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