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Airplane by Sean MacEntee via flickr Airplane by Sean MacEntee via flickr


United Technologies Publish Aviation Sustainability Report



The United Nations today released a new paper, ‘Green Aviation’, which looks at the recent progress that has been made to reduce aircraft emissions, and focuses on the future ‘on the ground’ efforts needed to reach radical long-term sustainability aims.

The paper not only looks at the steps that have been taken to reduce aircraft emissions, but highlights the following ‘on the ground’ future areas of focus:

• Green airports – why they are an essential component of the industry’s long-term success
• Support infrastructure – servicing aircraft and moving passengers efficiently – why it is vital to improved sustainability
• Green aerospace factories – efficient operations, new production technology and green supply chains – contribution that factories make to the industry’s long-term sustainability

A focus on becoming “carbon neutral” has ripple effects in greening transport systems and buildings and improving the quality of life in nearby communities. Some of global aviation’s best ideas for creating a sustainable future depend on important initiatives happening on the ground.

The full report can be viewed here.