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voice bots help companies go green voice bots help companies go green


Voice Bots Help Both Companies and Activists Push Green Agendas

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Technological innovation is invaluable to companies trying to shift towards greener business models. Voice bots, in particular, can help many companies lower their carbon footprints and cater to consumers looking to support green brands.

Voice bots Can Help Green Businesses Thrive

Sustainability is a major topic of discussion in many circles. Countless nonprofits and NGOs around the world are advocating for a kinder, eco-friendlier way of life. Many businesses are also transitioning to a more environmentally friendly version of capitalism.

According to Accounting Today, 80% of the world’s top businesses currently have sustainability reports. Small businesses are often even more committed to eco-friendly practices, since they often have a greater concern for their communities and values over profits.

But what steps can businesses take to adopt eco-friendly business practices? One option is to invest in technology that lowers their carbon footprint and helps them reach green consumers. Voice bots are some of the most important forms of technology.

Despite the widespread use of the term “voice bot”, entrepreneurs still confuse the technology with IVR, a voice menu with pressing numbers. In fact, voice bots are much more functional. This is a program that itself calls people imitating live communication. With the help of artificial intelligence, voice bots can conduct a logical dialogue and recognize answers with an accuracy of up to 99%.

A voice bot is an innovative product that makes it easy for any business to telephony. They also enable businesses to lower their carbon footprint by relying less on call centers that use far more energy.

At the moment, every eco-friendly entrepreneur seeks to automate routine work, reduce costs, increase productivity and of course lower their carbon footprint. The thing is that voice technology for enterprise is the most demanded tool for green businesses, as it closes the main aspect of the existence of any business — communication with customers.

In this review, we will consider all the benefits of a voice bot, as well as consider the areas of business that most need such AI software. In addition to discussing the environmental benefits, we will talk about the reasons they will help your bottom line.

Benefits of Voice Technology for Eco-Friendly Enterprises

Here is a list of the most obvious benefits of voice technology for green businesses:

  • Lower carbon footprint. Traditional communication mediums like call centers require much more energy, which means they have a high carbon footprint. Voice bots operate only need to use the energy on the end user”s computer, which makes them eco-friendlier. You also don’t have to have employees commute to your call centers every day when you replace them with a voice bot, which also lowers your carbon footprint.
  • Great for sustainable activists. Voice bots and chat bots are also very helpful for activists trying to promote environmental causes. US Green Technology touched on this in their post Are Chatbots Really Transforming Eco-Friendly Activism?
  • Realistic voice. Creating a voice bot involves choosing a voice for voicing text. Clients hear the voice of a living person — previously recorded by the announcer, with sighs and realistic pauses. Therefore, most clients believe that they are communicating with a manager;
  • Infallibility. Unlike call center employees, the result of calling the bot is predictable, with no deviations from the script, fatigue, and forgetfulness. Only courtesy, an inviting tone, and a tested working offer;
  • Speed. Voice bots not only save businesses money but also time. The program communicates with thousands of your clients at the same time and is great for urgent projects and huge outdated databases;
  • Collection of analytics. The main advantage of automatic calling is that all the analytics are in one place. Verbatim history of communication with each client is stored, and the answers are sorted into groups. Extensive statistics can be used for strategic purposes: conversion time, call duration, typical objections, number of bounces, and their dependence on the offer;
  • The ability to complicate the algorithm of work. The voice bot script can be endlessly supplemented with new branches. During the call process, the most frequent questions from customers are determined. Answers to them can be foreseen and immediately given to the client, or handle objections without transferring to the manager;
  • Cold calls are the main trump card of voice bots. This is how non-target leads are filtered, potential customers are warmed up without involving sales managers because for them this is a long, routine, and demotivating job. But calling with a bot shortens the path, takes over the routine, and provides managers with warm, ready-to-buy customers.

Eco-Friendly Businesses Depend on Voice Bots

All eco-friendly businesses need voice bots — a bold statement, but they are by no means unfounded. No matter how “difficult” a niche is, call automation will benefit it, subject to a competent approach to the selection of an offer, a conversation model, and even a bot voice. If you are trying to look for a new investment to make your eco-friendly business successful, you might want to use a voice bot.

Adam Middleton is the Marketing Manager for Packaging Supplies Ltd, the UK’s first plastic-free packaging supplier and custom packaging service, delivering sustainable, plastic-free packaging materials, shipping boxes, and fully customized packaging.