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Why I want Blue&Green Tomorrow to survive – Ilaria



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Imagine a young non-British graduate running away from the country with the most stagnating economy in Europe, the eyes full of hope and discontent, in order to pursue the goal of doing something good for the world through journalism. Imagine her going through a new education system, a new language, style and culture. Now image her looking for a job other than a waitress or barista – a job in her field. She’s 24, she’s doing a Master in Journalism, has no English writing experience and holds a non-British BA in Communications. How many chances do you think she would have to get a job?

Before coming across Blue & Green Tomorrow, my answer would have been none. I applied, got an interview but had little or no hope to get the job. I knew there were about ten other applicants and I was pretty sure they were better than me – or at least they would have looked like they were. I was surprised – and obviously happy – when Simon, the publisher of Blue & Green Tomorrow, called me back and told I did it, saying they had been impressed by my skills and my passion for ethical causes. I wonder how many employers would have bet on (and actually paid) me.

It has been one year, eight months and seven days full of work, satisfactions and challenges but I cannot explain how badly this job has improved me – professionally and personally – and I have to thank Simon, Alex and my colleagues for everything I learnt.

And this is it, everything could be over in just more than 24 hours.

I want B&GT to survive because I want the next inexperienced, scared, timid but genuine and passionate student to get a chance to shine.

I’d like to thank our readers for this amazing journey. I really hope to see you soon, again.

Please pledge to save B&GT now.


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