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Your Name Is The Most Vital Asset To Any Green Business

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The market for green businesses is booming like you wouldn’t believe. author Pritom Das recently posted an article on the rapidly growing market for renewable energy and other sustainable businesses.

Starting a business is hard. Starting a green business is even harder. However, there are some steps that you can take to mitigate risks and get your business off on the right foot. Finding the right name is at the top of the list.

One of the hardest things you’re going to find even harder is choosing an appropriate brand name for your sustainable brand. You will find yourself with so many options to choose from, but none seems to fit in. Sometimes, you are convinced you’ve finally managed to come up with a perfect name, then you realize it’s already taken by another business. Why do you need to struggle so much to choose a name? Here are the reasons why your business name matters just like any other thing related to your business.

A Good Name Evokes Positive Emotions and Communicates Your Message of Sustainability

Investopedia recently wrote an an article about some of the top green startups for 2019. If you take a look at the list, you will see one thing that they all have in common – they all have an excellent name that communicates their commitment to sustainability. These names include:

  • MowGreen
  • Choose Energy
  • Solar Kiask

There is no mistaking that these companies are dedicated to sustainability when you read their names. You need to find a similar name if you are building a green brand.

Your business name has a huge emotional impact on your costumers. It should also emphasize your commitment to sustainability.

When choosing a name, you don’t just think about yourself but your customers as well. The name you choose must have some psychological impact on your customers. The words used in the name inspire interest and can get the attention of even the customers coming across it for the first time. Some green brands have not only managed to come up with a good name but also a wonderful logo as well. Take, for instance, Apple. You only need to see the logo, and you’re convinced that the brand is of high value. That’s the impact Apple has on its customers.

Whenever a customer hears your business name, it should evoke some emotions and psychological impact. It should inspire trust, friendliness, and value. A good name sets expectations for your company. If your customer hears the name, it should give them a positive impression of your company. Find out more at Store Names Shopify on how to name your company the right way.

A Wrong Name Can Kill Your Green Business

You might have a good idea about your business. It seems to perfectly convey your message of sustainability. You have the best plan drafted, and manage to bring investors on board before you can even start. However, your business can fail as soon as it launches, and you end up wondering what you did wrong.

If you’re not careful, your ingenious business idea will not stand to see the light of the day if it incorporates a silly startup name. It doesn’t matter how much marketing you do or how much money you spend on advertising your startup; if the name is unappealing and unfamiliar, you will have a very hard time getting customers. A good name should work for your business from the start to the future. Think about how your company will look like 20 years to come. Will the name still have an impact? Will it grow to become a brand name? The answer to all these lies on the foundation you give it right from its launch.

Your Name is the Key to Success as a Green Business

You will face a number of hurdles as a green business owner. You need to take the right steps to succeed. Based on the name you choose to use, your company name can elevate your green business, cripple it, kill it altogether, or have no impact at all. You don’t want to go through the hustle of changing the name as this will mean going through several legal processes, and fresh marketing to introduce your new name to your target customers. It is, therefore, essential to choose a good name right from the start and spend the remaining time worrying about how to run your business in a way that inspires growth.