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Behind the Fund: IM WHEB Sustainability Fund



We caught up with Clare Brook (pictured right of photo), founding partner of WHEB Asset Management to find out about new developments in the fund and why it’s a good investment.

What have been the major developments at WHEB Asset Management in the last year?

In March 2012, WHEB took the bold step of taking on the former Henderson SRI team. In one fell swoop this doubled our resources and massively boosted our standing; the Henderson team had been one of the best regarded teams in the sector, running one of the top performing funds. By combining them with the existing WHEB Asset Management team, we have put together one of the most experienced and best resourced teams in the sector.

What ways did the investment process change with the new team joining WHEB?

One of the reasons why the two teams wanted to come together is that there were many similarities between the IM WHEB Sustainability Fund and the Henderson Industries of the Future Fund. So there wasn’t a massive revolution when the new team came on board. Both funds were global thematic funds, investing exclusively in companies providing solutions to sustainability challenges. However, the former Industries of the Future Fund had benefited from having a broader range of themes, which included safety and education, as well as a range of environmental themes plus healthcare.

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