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EIRIS estimates £15bn invested in green and ethical UK funds in advance of Good Money Week



An estimate released today by EIRIS, the sustainable investment research specialists, indicates that the amount of money invested in the UK’s green and ethical retail funds reached over £15bn in 2015, up from approximately £6bn ten years ago.

The estimate is launched ahead of Good Money Week (18 – 24 October 2015), which aims to raise awareness of sustainable and responsible finance.

Commenting on the estimate, Stephen Hine, Deputy CEO at EIRIS, said: “With continued consumer interest in global issues like climate change, human rights and equality, it is not surprising that consumers are keen to explore responsible finance. Leading financial product providers are developing products with responsible investment strategies for this growing market.”

Independent SRI Consultant John Fleetwood of 3D Investing commented: “This confirms that there is a burgeoning sustainable investment market that isn’t going away.  It reflects a growing recognition that sustainable investments make good investments.”

EIRIS recently announced its merger with Vigeo to create a single European agency with a with a strong network of partners around the world.