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oekom Announce Ariane de Vienne’s New Role



Leading international sustainable investment rating agency, oekom research, has appointed a new Head of its New York office. oekom research welcomed Ariane de Vienne, who has a wealth of experience in the investment and sustainability industry, at the start of June. Ariane de Vienne will be responsible for managing operations, as well as driving business development and sales and client relations in North America.

Oekom research appointment of Ariane de Vienne is its first step in expanding its global reach and establishing a subsidiary in the US. oekom´s expansion is a critical move to support the world’s largest investment market with high quality ESG research and sustainable investment services.

With ecological, social and governance issues being increasingly considered among responsible investors on a global scale, the rating agency sees it a logical development to expand and support its activities with an own office and dedicated spokesperson.

Ariane de Vienne has longstanding experience and a deep network in the investment world, in the U.S, Europe and Asia. Prior to joining oekom research, Ms. de Vienne was a Managing Director at financial services and research firm Cornerstone Capital, charged with building the firm’s ESG-integrated investment advisory business.

Having begun her banking career in Germany, Ms. de Vienne gained extensive experience with her own impact and ESG consulting businesses in Hong Kong and New York. Prior to that she was Managing Director at Guggenheim Investment Advisors LLC and served as Senior Vice President at David J. Greene and Company as well as in several Managing Director roles at JPMorgan Chase.

In addition to her professional career, Ms. de Vienne is on the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations focusing on social impact investing as well as ecological issues, including the US Board of the The Climate Group. She is also a Senior Advisor to SustainAsia Ltd, Hong Kong, and an Ambassador to TBLI, a Dutch-based organization dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits and opportunities of impact investing.

Robert Haßler, CEO oekom research: “In terms of ESG integration, the US is currently at a turning point. While having been the cradle of ethical investing, it is only recently that ESG investing has entered the mainstream. An increasing number of asset owners and asset managers are looking for thoughtful, transparent and easy to access information to influence investment decisions. Nonetheless, the availability of high quality ESG research and data information remains limited. Here, we are very proud to have won a reputable expert such as Ms. de Vienne to join our team and leverage on these market opportunities.” 

Ariane de Vienne added: “Over the last two years, interest has grown considerably from mainstream US asset managers to build ESG into their process as they receive pressure from asset owners. oekom research´s services provide a much needed solution for both asset managers and investors. They allow an in-depth ESG analysis of existing holdings and tailoring of portfolios to better meet the respective investors’ values. I am very excited to build and expand oekom’s business in North America at this time. oekom’s expertise will be an important factor in increasing capital flows towards more sustainable investment solutions.”