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Getaway to Chicago



If you’re thinking about having a weekend away, do yourself a favor and check out all that Chicago has to offer. Getting there is easy. It offers two airports, one of which is an international hub. Flying is the quickest way to visit unless you happen to live within a few state radius, then you might appreciate the short drive of a road trip. 

Getting Around

Whether you drive or fly, getting around the Windy City couldn’t be more convenient with the availability of public transport. Trains run from both airports to the city and surrounding suburbs. Famous for its elevated trains, using the L isn’t the only option available to you. There are also other trains, buses and the most expensive option of hailing a taxi. 

If you choose to drive during your stay, be prepared for heavy traffic and expensive parking. Although the grid layout of Chicago is easy to manipulate, the inconvenience of paying over the odds for limited parking to visit your chosen attraction can dampen your experience. Public transportation will get you everywhere you want to go from The Palmer House Hilton to all the major attractions, without the headache of driving.

Do a little pre-travel research and get an idea of which mode of transportation is most convenient for you and where you want to visit. Also, check out the difference in fares from single-use to daily passes. Chances are, you’ll save some money getting a day pass. Day passes will allow you limitless trips for a day with a prepaid fare card. 

When to Visit

Trying to decide the best time to visit Chicago depends on you and your preferences. The weather can be volatile and change quickly. Before you pack, you’ll want to check the local forecast the day before. Chances are if you checked the weather forecast a week prior, it’s libel to have changed.

The summer months will be hot and sticky. If sightseeing in the humidity isn’t your idea of a fun time away, it’s best to avoid the summer. The winters are fairly harsh with low temperatures and snow. Although spring has cool days, it’s usually accompanied by plenty of rain. Autumn, however, also has cooler temps and it’s not nearly as wet. 

Early autumn or late spring are the best times to visit for the mildest weather. Most people tend to head to Chicago in the summer, so visiting outside of the summer months will make sure everything you want to do isn’t nearly as crowded. 

When choosing when to visit, keep in mind that Chicago hosts quite a few conventions. Check to make sure you don’t visit during one of these, otherwise, finding available accommodations can be a challenge.


Chicago has many iconic attractions and sights to see. Most of these are located downtown, which makes public transport an ideal way to get exactly where you want to be. Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes! Even though the buses and trains will take you to your specific attraction, you want to make sure you’re comfortable while exploring the city. 

Museums and other attractions often have an admission charge. Look into purchasing an attraction pass to save a bit of time and money while you’re being a tourist. Like most major cities, you can also take a tour of Chicago. There are quite a few to choose from. You can have a food tour, boat tour, bus or walking tour, to name the most popular. It’s best to check ahead of time which tour you’d like and purchase tickets before your trip. 

There is plenty to do in the Windy City, the real question is, will one weekend be enough?

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