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How to Make Original DIY Lamps Reusing Old Wood



Reusing old wood is a not only great for the environment, but also a great material to use for new projects. Whether you are making do-it-yourself (DIY) lamps for your own home or to give to others, reusing old wood is a financially friendly way to make one of a kind pieces that cannot be found anywhere else!

Benefits of Recycling Old Wood

In addition to old wood being something that a lot of individuals already have on hand, it is friendly to the environment! Like mentioned previously, recycling old wood is a cost-effective way to make unique DIY projects. Plus, old wood has a unique look that is unable to replicate on new wood. This will give your project a look that is truly unique.

Getting Started

getting started with old wood

The number and types of tools you will need to begin the project will depend on the type of lamp you want to make. The basis of tools that you should have on hand before starting the DIY lamp project includes a table saw blade, a straight edge with measuring marks, as well as the necessary electrical equipment to add light to the lamp, including cords and a lightbulb! Also, consider grabbing a stain if you wish to alter the color of the recycled wood.

DIY Lamps

DIY lamps

There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the type of DIY lamp you would like to make. One of the first things to think about is how big or small you would like the lamp to be. Do you want the lamp for a specific place in your home or are you just waiting for inspiration to strike and willing to follow it? Thinking about the size of the lamp will help you determine how much old wood you will need.

Next, choose an actual design. It is helpful to browse the web for inspiration prior to beginning the project if you are feeling stuck. We will share a few ideas to get you started.

Reading Lamp

reading lamp

Source: WoodRestart

This modern wooden reading lamp is the perfect addition to any desk, whether it be at your home or office. For this project, you will need to create a small box at the base of the lamp out of the recycled wood. Next, create the stem of the lamp with small slivers of wood and add the lightbulb to the top. The next step is to find a small tin cylinder to use as a lampshade and run the wiring for the light. Once assembled, you will have a trendy lamp for your workspace!

Engraved Lamp Box

Engraved Lamp Box

Source: Source: TealsPrairie

This engraved lamp box is the perfect lamp to give as a gift! This is the perfect gift because you can engrave the box with the message of your choosing. Keep in mind that you will need special tools to engrave the box and make it look nice. Of course, you can use the recycled wood to make the box itself. Using a gentle stain could be helpful if you are not quite satisfied with the color of the old wood you are working with. The switch on this lamp could be tricky, so be sure to plan ahead to allow enough time to make this DIY lamp.

Driftwood Lamp

If you have a nice piece of driftwood, this is the perfect lighting fixture to create. Take the piece of driftwood and stain it do the desired shade. Then, add in the necessary electrical parts. Consider adding in another board on the flipside of the piece of driftwood to make this process easier. Add the lightbulbs with a heavy string to ensure that they will stay in place. This fixture would look great hanging over a dining room table.

Adjustable Floor Lamp

If you are looking for a larger DIY project to take on, the adjustable floor lamp by

Crafty & Co. is a great lamp to take inspiration from. To start this project, create the adjustable legs. Next, take wood panels and create a design to allow the light to shine through. You could do honeycombs like in the photo or create your own unique design. The great part about the floor lamp is that you can hide all the electrical details inside.

No matter what design you decide to go with, using old wood for the DIY project is a great way to be friendly to the environment and you will end up with a unique new light fixture.

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