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These Pandemic-Driven Changes are Here to Stay



The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive shut down of businesses, social activities, and schools worldwide. Now, as vaccine distribution increases and countries slowly start to recover and open their economies, many people wonder which Pandemic changes will vanish quickly and which ones will stick around. Some of the shutdowns from the pandemic caused more comfortable and efficient working conditions, streamlined medical intervention, and better standards for cleanliness. As a result, some pandemic-driven changes are here to stay.

Elevated Sanitation Standards

COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon. With the start of the pandemic, businesses were required to adhere to a more rigorous cleaning scheduling. Frequent cleaning of bathrooms, sanitization of high-touch surfaces, and increased handwashing were all standard regulations implemented to slow the spread of Covid. However, education about germs and contagious diseases made many realize the importance of cleanliness and stopping the spread of germs. As a result, many businesses and organizations may choose to keep their cleaning policies to help protect employees and customers.

Telehealth and At-Home-Health-Solutions

Telehealth and at-home-health-solutions became popular ways to get help fast during the pandemic. Thanks to telemedicine, patients who experience minor health problems or need simple questions answered can get online and speak with a professional, all without leaving the comfort of their living room. Additionally, individuals who need help for more sensitive health issues, such as sexually transmitted infections can get home test kits. Because at home STD test kits offer more privacy and greater discretion, customers feel more comfortable seeking help and are more likely to go through the process if they have concerns. Because of these added benefits, it’s expected that telehealth and at-home health solutions are here to stay.

Working from Home

Working from home quickly became one of the top stories of the pandemic. Many employees were able to complete the same duties of their jobs without leaving the living room couch. Lessened commute time, increased comfort, and decreased co-worker distractions were quickly recognized as benefits of work-from-home schedules. Many businesses opted for a hybrid model or a “choose your own work schedule” approach as the pandemic let up. This gives employees more flexibility in their work environment. Businesses and organizations also have recognized benefits to allowing their employees to work from home. Decreased workspace is required for the same number of employees, and many companies see a reduction in their electrical costs. Many businesses do not plan to return to a full-time, in-person work schedule any time soon.


With the increase of people working from home and the decreased in-person availability, some organizations developed a self-service or automation model. For example, the Secretary of State, known for long wait times for services such as renewing a driver’s license or obtaining a title for a vehicle, opted for an online approach. Doing this reduced wait times, but individuals were also able to save time off from work by not being restricted to business hours. Many other businesses and organizations found similar benefits, such as increased efficiency and decreased staffing to get the job done. As a result, many companies and organizations are continuing to offer a self-service or automation approach.

Staying Home When Sick

Before the pandemic, many people chose to continue working or attending school, even though they felt ill. However, increased awareness of the way viruses spread and their impact on others quickly caused sick people to stay home. Many people who didn’t have Covid but were feeling under the weather chose to stay at home for the health and safety of their community around them. Due to this increased awareness, many now choose to stay home when sick, even if they are not ill from Covid. This increased awareness of contagious viruses and illnesses is likely here to stay.

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