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Blue & Green Tomorrow in print: issue three



Talk to the average person in the street and you’ll find environmental sustainability is the last thing on their mind. Talk to progressive business people and you’ll find it’s very much on theirs.

But, when it boils down to it, we’re all interested in the same things. We want a future that is healthy, happy and secure for us and our descendants. Right now, that seems like a tall order. Yes, maybe it is a bit idealistic, but someone with a vision will always achieve more than someone without.

We all have choices. We can wallow and play the “ain’t it awful?” game, leaving all actions and decisions to other people. We can play the “ignorance is bliss” game and just concentrate on having a jolly good time. Or we can take a cool look at what’s going on and see plenty of reasons to be optimistic, and maybe even get stuck in.

We at Blue & Green Tomorrow like to think we’re part of the third group. We try to keep on top of what’s going on in the world and we love to share our discoveries with you. Sometimes we get a little po-faced and sometimes we’re light-hearted, but all the time we’re looking for people who are working to enhance our world; people who can inspire you and give you hope for the future.

All around the world, scientists and engineers are trying to turn the present threats into opportunities; none more so than those who have a “waste is food” mentality. Where we see rubbish, they see fuel, or frocks. Where we see desert, they see electricity. Where we see atmospheric pollution, they see gases to be exploited.

New goods and services will continue to appear from organisations that are tapping the talents of such people. These outputs will be so self-evidently good they will sweep the public along with them. We will learn, by induction rather than by exhortation, how our world can be made better.

Download issue three (February 2011) for free here.