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More Than 6 Million British Homeowners Admit To Not Using Any Energy Saving Devices



According to recent data, 12% of UK adults said that they do not use any energy saving devices in their households.

The information comes from a survey carried out on behalf of one of the leading independent suppliers, OVO energy (

The poll interviewed 2,000 UK residents about their approach to energy in the home.

While there is a wealth of gadgets available on the market, it seems Britons are forgetting just how much energy is actually wasted in the average household.

Despite such a large number of people overlooking the importance of energy conservation, there is still the majority who invest in products that have a significant effect on household energy bills.

According to the survey, the most popular devices in the UK are energy saving light bulbs. These are followed by double glazed windows, insulation, rechargeable batteries, letterbox covers, smart meters and timer plug sockets.

The data also suggests that men are more committed to reducing energy than women, with men using more appliances in the household. On top of this, 44% of women think they could do more to cut energy usage in the home, compared to just 38% of men.

And for those parents who are constantly nagging their kids to turn off the heating and wear a jumper, it comes as no surprise to read that age plays a significant factor in the poll. The biggest fans of the use of energy saving devices happen to be in the over-35 age groups.

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