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Windfarm by National Rural Knowledge Exchange via Flickr Windfarm by National Rural Knowledge Exchange via Flickr


British Offshore Wind Industry To Receive Multi-Million Pound Manufacturing Investment



CS Wind announced today that CS Wind is planning to build a new offshore tower manufacturing facility at Campbeltown in Scotland after a multi-million pound investment by DONG Energy.

RenewableUK’s Executive Director, Emma Pinchbeck, has responded to the decision that will safeguard 70 jobs:

“Offshore wind is already delivering major economic benefits to the UK. Today’s news highlights the fact that this industry iscreating highly skilled, sustainable jobs in Britain.

Offshore wind developers are committed to bringing industrial benefits to the UK. Building turbine towers in Britain is a big part of this.

Renewable energy is key part of the modern global economy, so the British offshore wind industry as a whole is looking just not at supplying innovative projects in UK waters, but also at opportunities to export around the world”.